The Flag Station USA was first established in 1992 by the Hetrick family, serving Central Pennsylvania with seasonal and decorative home and garden flags. The Flag Station USA, now operated by the second generation of the Hetrick family, has since expanded its services to include the patriotic flag and flagpole needs of Central Pennsylvania and beyond, specializing in residential and commercial flagpole installations within a 150-mile radius, as well as providing high quality products to customers nationwide. 

The Flag Station USA takes pride in providing our customers with American-made flags, flagpoles and hardware at reasonable prices. With more than thirty years of experience and renowned exceptional service values, we have earned the trust of customers across the country.

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• Nylon – the “everyday” material for flags both indoors and outdoors. Nylon is a lightweight, yet durable material, and dries quickly.

• 2-ply Polyester – the “strongest” material available for outdoors. Made from a 2-ply, open weave, spun synthetic material which proves extremely durable outdoors.

• Poly – the “economy” material. Lightweight which allows for perfect flying

We recommend adding vertical stitching and reinforced corners to all flags 8x12’ and larger.

Watch for signs of fraying. Flags can be trimmed and re-hemmed to help prolong the life of the flag. Most outdoor flags can be hand washed with warm water and a mild detergent. Do not use a machine dryer to dry your flag, instead lay it flat to air dry. You can also check with your local dry-cleaner, many will dry-clean your American flag for free.

• Sectional Flagpoles – seamless aluminum tubing sections that together provide a smooth exterior finish. Perfect solution for lower shipping cost.

• Telescopic Flagpoles – manufactured from 16-gauge aluminum, rope, and pulley free. Ideal for tailgating, camping, and sporting events.

• Galvanized Steel Flagpole – available exclusively to customers local to Altoona, PA. Stainless steel and cast aluminum components of a spun aluminum flagpole, with galvanized steel for the shaft. Great residential flagpole for durability.

• Fiberglass Flagpole – used in areas that receive high winds and near nautical locations.

• Spun Aluminum Flagpole – cone tapered, ground set aluminum flagpoles, fabricated from 6063-T6 tubing. The conical portion tapers approximately 1” every 5-1/2 ft. These flagpoles can be found at office complexes, government buildings, libraries, schools, and businesses.

The depth of a flagpole foundation is determined by the height of the pole, or simply 10% of the flagpole. (For example: a 35ft flagpole will require a hole 3-1/2ft deep, a 40ft flagpole will require a hole 4ft deep)

The width of a flagpole foundation is determined by the butt diameter of the pole times 4-6 inches. (For example: a 4 inch butt diameter flagpole will need a 16-24inch tapered hole.

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